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Salesforce, a globally recognized CRM platform, has been developing tools that meet the needs of non-profit organizations for over 16 years.

Nonprofit Cloud values for NGOs and non-profits organizations



The platform enables productive collaboration by providing a centralized hub for communication and facilitating information sharing among team members. With Salesforce, non-profits can streamline workflows to ensure that every team member is on the same page.



A comprehensive 360-degree view of donors creates a holistic perspective that includes the donor’s history of payments, information about goals, and details about donation amounts. This full view allows non-profits to better understand the donor and the context surrounding their contributions.



Salesforce facilitates the integration and migration of data from diverse sources, including banking systems and the Tax Office. This helps non-profits make smart decisions, improve processes, and keep a strong financial infrastructure.



With features like donor management, personalized communication, and campaign tracking, Salesforce enables organizations to orchestrate more targeted and impactful fundraising efforts. For non-profit organizations, it is a huge help in building stronger donor relationships, optimizing campaigns, and ultimately driving greater support for their causes.



Non-profit organizations utilize Salesforce for program management, thereby enhancing their capacity to effectively plan, execute, and monitor initiatives. The tools they use allow them to keep track of program performance, manage resources, and keep project transparency throughout the project lifecycle.



The aggregation of payments for specific purposes from various sources provides a comprehensive view of donations. This data integration enhances transparency and strategic decision-making, allowing non-profits to maximize their impact.



With Salesforce, non-profits can design portals that give donors real-time updates on their contributions, fundraising progress, and impact reports. Volunteers can access dedicated portals to stay informed about upcoming events and their impact on the non-profits’ mission.



Salesforce improves workflow and optimizes key processes, allowing organizations to automate routine tasks. This approach improves operational efficiency and empowers non-profits to focus more on their mission.

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01 Understand Donors, see patterns

The combination of data from bank statements and obtained through integration with payment systems such as PayU, DotPay or PayPal allows you to create full views of people making payments. It can also take into account their environment (e.g. by setting relationships between donors using the same address or bank account). The tools collect all contacts and activities undertaken by a specific person. Thanks to the view of the full history of payments, it is much easier to analyze the involvement of individual donors and react appropriately to noticed changes in behavior patterns. You can respond faster and better to declining engagement levels, e.g. creating automatic communication. On the other hand – show gratitude, appreciate and encourage the involvement of more people after observing an increase in activity.

02 Provide value for Donors

Donors (and other people supporting the foundation) expect a certain level of “service”. This also applies to involvement in building relationships, taking forms familiar to them from the commercial market (e.g. to which they have been accustomed by brands). The digital presence of the foundation should reflect modern norms and trends. This is particularly important in relation to marketing activities and activities supporting building relationships, which include, among others: personalized communication, the use of mobile channels and social media. Tools supporting fundraising, developed by, help to increase donor involvement, which translates into stabilizing the inflow of funds for foundations, and may even increase their level.
Thanks to the tools available on NonProfit Cloud, outbound telephone campaigns, personalization of e-mail communication, planning and implementation of activities in mobile channels will become easier and faster.

03 Attract, support and motivate volunteers

Volunteers play a key role in foundations, devoting their time and energy. However, in order to operate effectively, they need tools and support in carrying out everyday tasks.

Organizations are constantly developing their teams and put a lot of effort into attracting more people to cooperate. The platform developed by enables intuitive management of the volunteer recruitment process. Thanks to automation solutions, this task takes less time and becomes easier. Using Salesforce Community Cloud, the foundation can create a platform supporting cooperation between volunteers. It guarantees access to organizing discussion groups and moderator rights (both for selected content areas and the entire platform) for over 10,000 users, completely free of license costs.

04 Tell the world about your organization

The existence of a non-profit organization depends primarily on the involvement of people – both donors and volunteers. The key, but also demanding task is to reach people who will be close enough to the foundation’s mission to commit their time, energy and financial resources to it. The effectiveness of campaigns depends on basing them on relevant and true data for a given industry (Data Driven Marketing). Thanks to the built-in tools for managing: campaigns, collections, donors and landing pages, Salesforce NonProfit Cloud becomes the central source of truth about all the foundation’s activities. Obtaining a 360-degree view in one console allows for better analysis and segmentation of all people (current and potential donors and volunteers). Thanks to this technology, it becomes possible to precisely send personalized messages, attach groups and people to extensive campaigns, as well as export contacts to external systems (if marketing processes take place in them).

05 Make sure things are handled smoothly

Personal experiences, which are the source of individual contacts with a given organization, are also extremely important. Salesforce Service Cloud offers a set of tools for donor support in omnichannel mode. Thanks to them, you can improve both issues related to payments and information about interventions or other situations. Ensuring diversified and open (accessible) communication channels allows the foundation to expedite reporting and solving problems signaled to it.

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