Case Study

Student Success Center at SWPS University

Headquarters: Warsaw, Poland
Students: 17,500 at undergraduate, postgraduate, and doctoral levels
Campuses: 6, located in major Polish cities


Providing Multichannel Service

Ensuring seamless integration and communication across various channels, maintaining consistency in information delivery, and adapting to the evolving technological landscape to meet diverse student needs effectively.

Embracing Workflow Digitization

Leveraging technology for automation of manual processes and the transition of the student service system to a digital form to track all cases.

Streamlining Processes

Using technology to coordinate printing processes and manual signing of documents for delivery in paper for meetings. Integration of different features of multiple systems for managing meetings.


SWPS University has opted for an omnichannel approach, providing one-stop services on multiple devices. To achieve this, the university has transitioned from traditional, paper-based, and office-oriented student service methods to utilizing Salesforce Education Cloud technology in conjunction with Genesys Cloud Contact Center.


Success Portal

Salesforce-based Student Success Portal that can be accessed from both computers and mobile devices.


Full (360-degree) view of the student’s profile, including communication channels (telephone, email, messenger), applications, documents, processes, and communication history.


Management of students’ cases submitted via email to the university’s support address (email-to-case functionality).


Flexible student path, allowing students to choose the method and location of document pickup (on-campus or via mail delivery) and schedule meetings with support team members through an online calendar.

Genesys Cloud
Call Center

Integration with Genesys Cloud Call Center to route phone calls from students to over 50 dedicated specialists in study programs. Skills-Based Routing supports leveraging the team’s competencies.


The automation of issuing certificates reduces the manual workload and ensures accurate and prompt delivery of academic achievements to students.


Implementation of a digital process for generating responses to documents with a Qualified Electronic Signature.


Creating and managing Notifications (different from Certificates) generated for students, also integrated with Qualified Electronic Signature.


Involvement of academic and administrative staff in the decision-making process for student applications. These employees also use the Community Portal.

User Interface
and Experience

High-standard user interface (UI) and user experience (UX) designed using LWC (Lightning Web Components) to facilitate student self-service.

Home Page

Configuration of a Home Page that provides all the essential tools for Student Success Center support work in one place.

Case Page

Configuration of a custom Case Page according to the SLDS framework, allowing employees to have everything at their fingertips on a single case page without the need to switch between different sources of information.

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Enhanced Student

The platform empowers students to easily access and manage their issues by offering them a ‘personalized student success experience.’ This gives students a sense of autonomy and matches the expectation for user-friendly interactions, which in turn makes for a positive student experience.


Giving students the ability to schedule interviews at their convenience, whether in-person or online, enhances flexibility and accessibility in the admissions process. This feature reflects a student-centered approach and accommodates diverse student needs.

Improved Student

Online matching with the appropriate tutor and streamlined initiative registration allow for the establishment of a scientific students’ club. This feature helps students connect with mentors and encourages them to start and develop their science interests.


Enhancing the communication between university organizational units and students leads to a more transparent and supportive academic environment.

Manual Work

The reduction of manual processes, particularly in the context of delivering paper documents, signifies a transformative shift towards efficiency. Embracing digital alternatives contributes to a more environmentally friendly approach, aligning with contemporary trends towards streamlined operations and sustainability.


The collection of a significant volume of diverse data has made decision-making processes much better. It has given us valuable insights at every level, from individual cases to the development of comprehensive support programs.

Student Service

Shortening the time it takes for a prospective applicant to submit their application and receive a reply. And a reduction of queues on campuses, as a result of streamlining administrative processes and creating a more seamless experience for both applicants and staff.

Call Center

The implementation of a 50-person call center ensures prompt and immediate responses to student inquiries, enhancing the overall communication efficiency within the educational institution.

Brand Image and

Strengthening the university’s market image as a modern educational institution with innovative programs and cutting-edge facilities.

Your university may benefit from this solution if it has


Manual and time-consuming processes: If your university relies heavily on manual processes, paperwork, and traditional office-oriented methods for student services, it can lead to inefficiencies, delays, and a heavy administrative workload. Implementing this solution can automate processes, reduce manual tasks, and streamline operations, resulting in significant time and resource savings.


Limited student self-service options: If students face challenges accessing information, submitting requests, or managing their own cases, it can result in frustration and a high volume of inquiries to the support staff. By adopting this solution, your university can provide students with self-service capabilities, empowering them to access services, track progress, and resolve queries independently, leading to increased satisfaction and reduced support staff workload.


Communication gaps and inefficiencies: If there are communication gaps or delays between university organizational units and students, it can hinder the resolution of student inquiries and create confusion. This solution offers centralized communication channels, a comprehensive view of student profiles, and streamlined collaboration among staff members. It bridges communication gaps, facilitates prompt responses, and ensures smooth coordination, ultimately improving the overall communication ecosystem.


Limited student engagement and extracurricular activities: If your university struggles to foster student engagement and provide opportunities for extracurricular activities, it can impact student satisfaction and campus life. The solution enables the establishment and management of scientific student clubs through an online matching system and simplified registration processes. It facilitates student initiatives, promotes engagement, and creates a vibrant campus community.


Inefficient data management and decision-making processes: If your university lacks a robust system for collecting and analyzing student data, it can hinder effective decision-making and hinder the development of tailored support programs. This solution collects diverse data, offering insights into student needs, preferences, and trends. It equips decision-makers with valuable information to optimize support programs, allocate resources efficiently, and enhance the overall student experience.


Image as a traditional institution: If your university wants to project a modern, tech-savvy image and differentiate itself from other traditional institutions, implementing this solution can be a strategic move. By embracing cutting-edge technologies, digital platforms, and seamless student services, your university can position itself as an innovative educational institution, attracting prospective students and enhancing its market reputation.

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Incredible care for the client’s needs, a wonderfully supportive implementation team full of willingness to help and patience. Thanks to their commitment and knowledge the process ran as smoothly as possible. It was (and still is) a pleasure to work with.

Kamila Dryjańska

Head of HR
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