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Whether you are a dealer, manufacturer or service provider, we offer a wide range of solutions.


Streamline operations effortlessly as the world’s #1 CRM addresses your unique challenges. Salesforce ensures unparalleled efficiency, from order and stock management to sales workflows. Consolidate lead and customer management for lasting relationships. Expand your reach and secure a competitive edge with powerful integrations. Experience a dealership where challenges are transformed into opportunities.

Lead Generation and Customer Experience

Ensure seamless lead generation and an unparalleled customer experience. Imagine effortlessly tracking customer interactions from the first inquiry to that exciting test drive and purchase. With Salesforce, personalized experiences and timely follow-ups become second nature, enhancing your customers’ journey. By integrating various channels, Salesforce improves the customer experience across the Lead2Order process.


Managing critical data across your entire sales network is a challenge for National Sales Company (NSC). With Salesforce as a Central CRM with Master Data Management capabilities, the golden record, a unified customer data representation, becomes your invaluable resource for insights into vehicle buyers. As a NSC you can achieve a more informed decision-making process, effective stock management, and synchronized communication with dealerships.


Dealer Management System

A dealer management system (DMS) streamlines dealership functions with solutions for a close collaboration between sales, financing, and service operations. It combines essential tools into one platform, making it easy to monitor operations from a single interface, automate workflows and track metrics.


Lead Management

The Lead Management System (LMS) is essential for dealerships and NSCs (National Sales Centers) to drive success in car sales. To manage the selling processes more effectively, LMS ensures that all prospects are followed up and assisted throughout the sales process. As a result, more customers visit dealerships, more test drives are conducted and more cars are sold.


Central CRM

Implementing Central CRM with Salesforce technology transforms NSCs into efficient, data-driven hubs, driving excellence in customer service and operational effectiveness.


Quote Configuration

In the quote configuration area, Salesforce supports the sales process for stock vehicles, configured vehicles, used vehicles, and trade-ins. Information about the availability of specific models, colors, and accessories is provided through inventory management.


Vehicle Stock Management

The Salesforce tools offer a comprehensive solution for managing new car stocks, used car availability, and trade-in vehicle offers at various stages and levels of the car sales process. The solution allows for searching features like locations, capacity, vehicle-to-stock assignment, and used and new vehicles.


Production Orders

The automotive industry relies on tools to streamline order management processes. Salesforce ensures a seamless flow of data, from confirming car configuration to assessing production possibilities, and finally sending complete orders for production. This improves the accuracy and efficiency of the production order management.


Master Data Management

The automotive industry needs master data management (MDM) to enhance the consistency and quality of the key data assets: customer information, vehicle information, and consent for data processing.


Consent Management

To navigate the complex landscape of data privacy regulations, collected on many levels locally and regionally, the automotive industry must manage consent effectively.


Test Drive Booking

The booking system simplifies the appointment process for test drives. It helps with both managing the fleet of test-drive cars and the calendar of a particular vehicle.


Insurance Broker

Integrating Salesforce with Insurance Brokers offers a streamlined solution, providing the convenience of receiving multiple insurance quotes from various companies at once.


Finance Provider

Provide your customers with a faster and smoother financing experience. Integrate Salesforce with Financial Providers and Banks for car financing, both for private and commercial purchases.



Integrate the Salesforce platform with other systems used in the dealer network, whether it is a DMS, production system, marketing automation and others.


Customer Feedback

The automotive customer experience is shaped by how car companies interact with their clients from the time they first consider purchasing a vehicle to the time they finally take it for a spin. It is not just about the car itself; it’s about the entire journey.


Document Management

Transforming document management in the automotive industry, Salesforce delivers a robust solution tailored for car dealers.

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Strategic Approach to MDM and Consent Management thanks to Salesforce

Think Beyond seamlessly conducted a comprehensive analysis and provided guidance for the implementation of Master Data Management (MDM) and Consent Management on the Salesforce platform. This project was tailored to meet the specific needs of Volkswagen Group Poland, which operates 9 brand dealerships across the country.

The deep understanding of the automotive industry played a pivotal role in establishing a unified golden record for customers. The implemented system for managing customer consent ensured the consistent and coordinated management of data. It also laid the foundation for cohesive data insights within the national system of Volkswagen Group Poland.

How Think Beyond Is Reshaping Toyota’s Lead Management

Toyota Central Europe, in partnership with Think Beyond, embarked on a mission to elevate lead management by consulting and prototyping services for a legacy system within the National Sales Company (NSC). Think Beyond brought its expertise to help streamline lead handling, aligning it with contemporary requirements and standards.

Think Beyond demonstrated proficiency in consulting in areas of lead management and customer engagement.

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